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Glorious Foods in Filipino Restaurants Atlanta

Comments (0) | Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Food, glorious food! Where else in the world can you sample delicious and inviting dainties if not in the exotic country of the Philippines. It’s hardly stunning that Filipino cuisine is often labeled as somewhat exceptional yet in its own style, a unique blend of eastern as well as western cuisines. Eventually, with about 400 years of outsider influences, the Philippine cuisine is an enchanting mixture of Spanish, Malay, and the Chinese cultures. To the Filipinos, food is essential, as it’s an integral portion of local art and culture and communal existence. And, here in the United States, people can discover about this enthralling style of food preparation when they visit Filipino Restaurants Atlanta.

Compare to the surrounding counterparts in Asia, which uses hot chilies mostly in their dishes, the Philippine dishes are often characterized as mild and pleasant. This has made their dishes more appropriate for those with sensitive and sedate taste buds. Everything is good and if you will visit the Filipino Restaurants Atlanta. You’ll be able to taste these delicious cuisines like Batchoy (sautéed pork with kidney and liver), Pato Tim (marinated duck), Lomo Guisado (sautéed beef strips), Lechon Paksiw (pork in liver sauce), Lapu-lapu with Tausi (grouper mixed with black bean sauce) and of course the famous Chicken or Pork Adobo. They also offer vegetarian menus such as Eggplant Adobo, Togue Salad (bean sprout salad) and a must try dish called the Ubog ng Niyog (hearts of palm salad). It’s also no secret that coconuts are used adequately in making exotic Filipino dishes and one of the best dishes known as the Guinataan (cooked meat and veggies blend with coconut milk).

Filipino Restaurants Atlanta as well cater some of the best desserts highlighted by the “Pinoy Chef” that several customers have loved to try these stuff like the Pastilla’s de Mani (peanut milk candies), Sans Rival (Napoleon layered cake), Maja Blanca (coconut cake), Atcharang Mais (corn relish) and a lot more. You can also try during “Merienda Time” the Pinoy Pancit Palabok (Filipino noodle dish) and Lumpia (Filipino eggrolls).

Filipinos have embraced some of the best cuisines from other countries, but all these delicious dishes in the Filipino Restaurants Atlanta are all with the Filipino Touch, of course!

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